From launching successful customer engagement campaigns, to creating award-winning TV ad campaigns, to building hundreds of marketing resources that sales professionals have used to navigate their markets, I've proven myself as a creative marketing pro. Explore some of the content that has my fingerprints on it below....

Video Commercials

Spa Day - Brought To You By Campaign

2021 - 42nd Telly Bronze Award Winner

Fine Dining - Brought To You By Campaign

2021 - MarCom Gold Award Winner

More Backyard - Brought To You By Campaign

Open House - Low Inventory Campaign

Keeping-In-Touch Emails

Our furry friends are just as much a part of our family as their two-legged members are, but sometimes our pets can make keeping a clean home more challenging! May is National Pet Month, so here are a few tips from some very special members of our Marketing Team on how to keep your pet-friendly home clean and tidy. Click to read more....

As the temperature rises, so do our water bills! From watering the lawn to filling up a pool, we tend to use more water in the summertime. Here are five easy ways to save water this summer. Click to read more....

Social Media Posts

If rising interest rates are impacting your decision to buy a home, our 3-2-1 Buydown could help! This program helps you to ease into the payments on your new home by reducing your rate by 3% in your first year of ownership, 2% in your second year, and 1% in year 3! Reach out today for details. 

As a lender, we never sell your info, but when you apply for a mortgage, the credit bureaus are alerted and can sell your contact information. Here’s what you can do to stop receiving unsolicited calls and mailers:

1.Register at to opt out of unwanted solicitations for five years at no cost.

2. Sign up at the Do Not Call Registry - – to stop most, but not all, unwanted calls.

3. Sign up at, where for $2 you can stop solicitations from coming to your physical mailbox.

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