Phil Tidwell

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I am a seasoned marketing leader with deep experience in creating impactful multi-channel campaigns, leading and supporting cross-functional teams, and developing innovative content that connects companies to customers.  During my career, I have worked in marketing operations, communications, social media, advertising compliance, technical writing, and training management. Please browse around my website to see samples of my work and learn more about my journey as a marketing professional. 


 Keeping the team on the right trail - and moving in the right direction - is key to organizational success. My passion is leading and supporting marketing teams in creating award-winning content that connects companies to customers.


Marketing is all about telling your brand's story and creating fans of your product. I love this work, which includes visualizing new campaign concepts, bringing them to life through teamwork, and measuring their impact.


Achieving your marketing objectives requires both creativity and problem-solving, but before you begin that new project, you need to clearly understand where you are heading and how to get there. Creating a strategy at the start of your journey is key to staying on course and knowing when you've reached your goal.

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